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HomeThe risk and liability associated with contaminated land is often difficult to identify and therefore difficult to manage. As a problem holder significant financial provision may be set aside for dealing with such risks and liabilities. It is important that the value of removing or reducing the level of risk is correctly identified. While on occasion insufficient provision is provided it is more likely that in a risk adverse society that the extent of the problem and the value associated with removing or reducing the liability to an appropriate risk level is higher than reality. This can have the effect of reducing balance sheet strength or preventing development proceeding due to the perceived cost of the risk mitigation.

Sillars Consulting aim to bridge the gap by providing a practical review of the liability associated with a particular contaminated land or groundwater risk in relation to a Client’s risk profile to ensure balance sheet provision is appropriate and development opportunities are not missed. With Board level experience it is considered this advice will be targeted, appropriate and re-assuring.